Teens & Vaccines: My Experience

During the months of October and November, members of the Teens & Vaccines Podcast group worked hard on a workshop presentation for the California School-Based Health Alliance 2021 School Health Conference: Building Bridges to Healthy & Resilient Communities. They met weekly to outline content, create their presentation, and design interactive components for their workshop, “Teens … Read more

The All In My Head Podcast

Living through COVID-19 can make anyone feel disconnected and isolated from their community. With teens across America experiencing a lack of social interaction, The All In My Head Podcast was created. While in the heart of Covid-19, a group of teens got together in Portland, Oregon to do something meaningful with their time. We started … Read more

Climate Change is the New Social Determinant of Health

Climate change knows no boundaries, making it a direct danger to every town, city, state, and country across the world. An article written in 2019 states that “the changing climate, including longer and hotter summers, more frequent and intense storms, sea-level rise, more severe droughts, and poorer air quality, are inextricably linked to poorer health.” As … Read more

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