The Lack of Sex Education and Why It Needs to Change

You walk into your on-campus school-based health center (SBHC) to check-in for your appointment, and you see a bowl of contraceptives right next to the admissions desk. You know that you need them for this Friday night, but you are too afraid to take them because of the stares you might receive from other peers or health professionals. Why are you scared to take them? Is it because you don’t want people to know you are having sex? Is it because you feel a sense of shame or embarrassment? Students are walking in and out of SBHCs daily without the resources they need to prevent teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI). I have seen the need from my peers for these contraceptives while I am in the health center. Although the issue seems more prevalent on college campuses, the truth is that it starts in high school. The lack of sexual health education and resources on high school campuses impacts individuals as they move on to college. The main difference from high school to college is that students now have more freedom.

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