Balancing the Social Benefits and Mental Health Risks of Social Media Use

By Mia Hunter, SBHA Youth Advisory Council member The following reflects Mia’s lived experiences, thoughts, and opinions. When surveying teens’ interaction with social media, my peer recorded that a majority of his surveyed group at my high school found the impact of stress imposed by social media to be paramount to the stress of their … Read more

SANDRA’S STORY – Teens like Sandra go to extraordinary lengths to support each other in times of crisis

By Carolyn Camacho, Identity Inc. Program Director The following reflects Carolyn’s lived experiences, thoughts, and opinions. Identity’s non-clinical emotional support groups are empowering teens to help themselves and their friends manage difficult emotions. For Sandra, it was life-changing. Arriving from Honduras at the age of 17, Sandra was separated from her mother and younger sister … Read more

SBHA Mental Health Blog: Crisis Intervention Trainings for Youth at SBHCs Can Address Mental Health Crisis

By Lauren Metcalf , SBHA Youth Advisory Council member The following reflects Lauren’s lived experiences, thoughts, and opinions. Nearly a third of youth struggled with mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This has only increased conversations about the youth mental health crisis. As a teen, hearing … Read more

Caring For Your Mental Health As A Young Person

By Jordi Alftine , SBHA Youth Advisory Council member The following reflects Jordi’s lived experiences, thoughts, and opinions. Mental health is crucial to overall well-being, particularly for teenagers and young adults. Unfortunately, mental health issues are increasingly prevalent in this age group, affecting individuals across the globe. The teenage and young adult years are complicated … Read more

Why Mental Health Is Important Now More Than Ever

Date: Feb 22, 2021  Author: Baila Salifou, Youth Advisory Council member  Content:  By Baila Salifou, Youth Advisory Council member  Baila is a freshman at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. She is focused on tackling mental health stigmas and healthcare discrepancies associated with youth in America, as well as youth across the globe.  The following … Read more

School-Based Health Centers Enhance Self Esteem

Date: September 16, 2020  By Andre Armour, Youth Advisory Council member Andre is a young advocate seeking peace and proper justice for his community. He believes that his purpose in life is to serve others in whatever capacity is needed. Imagine yourself at your lowest state in your life. What was the situation? Where were you? What did … Read more

What Life is Like in NY, the U.S. Epicenter of the Pandemic

Date: May 28, 2020  By Fathima Lye, Youth Advisory Council member Fathima Lye is a college junior in NYC. She is an advocate for school-based health centers and works to spread awareness on youth-centric issues and doing what she can to help. She hopes to engage with health professionals and youth across the country and impact lives for the better.  … Read more