The Crisis of Opioids Continues

Written by Brooklyn Waller, SBHA Youth Advisory Council Member The following reflects Brooklyn’s lived experiences, thoughts, and opinions.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic’s beginning, our world has been focused on COVID-19 effects and prevention, rightfully so. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, health care systems shifted focus from the rise of the opioid crisis. In some ways, … Read more

Free Virtual Tools for Schools & SBHCs During the Pandemic – Webinar 3  

Youth-focused webinar  Description:  Join Yale’s play2PREVENT Lab and the School-Based Health Alliance for an interactive webinar series highlighting FREE health prevention video games for youth ages 10-19! Learn how the play2PREVENT Lab is working with youth and expert researchers to “harness videogame technology to shape stronger and healthier lives,” addressing topics such as risk reduction and … Read more

The Honest Truth Behind E-Cigarettes: A Teen’s Perspective

By Brooklyn  Waller, Youth Advisory Council member  Brooklyn Waller is a high school senior in Arkansas. She advocates for those without access to health care and for students to take advantage of their local school-based health centers.  You see them everywhere: a commercial, the local grocery store, in people’s hands. The popularity of E-Cigarettes has reached a high in … Read more

Redirecting the War on Drugs: How Youth Today Play a Pivotal Role

By Baila Salifou, Youth Advisory Council member on April 9, 2020 Baila is a high school senior at South Hagerstown High School. She is focused on tackling mental health stigmas and healthcare discrepancies associated with youth in America, as well as youth across the globe.  In science class every child learns the importance of the right conditions necessary to nourish a … Read more