Our Council Experience, And Why Youth Should Join! 

Compilation by Chris Oshana  As current and previous members of the School-Based Health Alliance (SBHA) Youth Advisory Council (YAC), we’ve all gained so much from being a part of this amazing team. The following blog post will focus on highlighting our current and former YAC members, their lived experiences as a part of the YAC, … Read more

My First-Hand Experience with Oral Health Disparities

By Chris Oshana, Youth Advisory Council Member The following reflects Chris’ lived experiences, thoughts, and opinions. $45,000,000,000. Forty-five billion dollars. According to the CDC, that’s how much money is lost in productivity each year in the US due to untreated oral disease.1 As someone who hopes to enter the dental profession in the coming years, this … Read more

Teens & Vaccines: My Experience

During the months of October and November, members of the Teens & Vaccines Podcast group worked hard on a workshop presentation for the California School-Based Health Alliance 2021 School Health Conference: Building Bridges to Healthy & Resilient Communities. They met weekly to outline content, create their presentation, and design interactive components for their workshop, “Teens & Vaccines … Read more

Climate Change is the New Social Determinant of Health

By Emma Bittar, Youth Advisory Council Member Emma Bittar is a college freshman at Tufts University from Bradenton, Florida. She believes that youth have the fundamental right to live their happiest and healthiest lives through equal access to education and healthcare services. Growing up in Florida has allowed me to appreciate the stunning environment around me … Read more

Reflections on YAC Experience

By Baila Salifou, George Washington University student and former SBHA Youth Advisory Council member  I was in my AP Biology class when my principal came into class and personally handed me a package from the School-Based Health Alliance. He placed it on my desk and told me there was an opportunity that he thought I … Read more

2021 ‘Be the Change’ Youth Training Program

Week in Review The ‘Be the Change’ Youth Training Program is an annual leadership development conference that connects young people from across the country with like-minded peers who are passionate leaders of change in their health centers, schools, and communities. During the program, participants learn about and discuss health and education topics, develop advocacy and … Read more

Addressing Health Inequity Through Meaningful Youth – Adult Partnerships

The presentation taught companies and organizations about the importance of incorporating youth work and how to do so. Some important key concepts included acknowledging that youth are experts and that all activities or work should be youth-led with adult support, not adult-led. Paying youth for the work that they do or offering alternative incentives is … Read more

The Crisis of Opioids Continues

Written by Brooklyn Waller, SBHA Youth Advisory Council Member The following reflects Brooklyn’s lived experiences, thoughts, and opinions.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic’s beginning, our world has been focused on COVID-19 effects and prevention, rightfully so. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, health care systems shifted focus from the rise of the opioid crisis. In some ways, … Read more

How Schools and Health Centers Can Help Tackle the STI Epidemic in Youth

Written by Baila Salifou, SBHA Youth Advisory Council Member The following reflects Baila’s lived experiences, thoughts, and opinions.  Schools play an important and unique role in serving the healthcare needs of students. The sexually transmitted infections (STI) epidemic is highly prevalent in young people who, according to the CDC, account for 50% of new infections … Read more